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    • Dreamweave & Co

    • Lip Voltage

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    The Most advanced concept in lip plumping to date, take your lips to the next level with auto mix technology.

    With its precision, dual dispensing system, to mix seven custom formulations in one tube. With its contoured applicator you can programme the system and interchange the tingle sensations. From its dual outer chamber to its single inner chamber, fusion meets to create a new hybrid style of lip plumping.

    • Easy To Use No Mess

    • Auto Mix Technology, Precision Dual Dispensing System

    • Seven Custom Formulations In One Tube

    • Interchangeable tingle sensations (you can reset formulations to desirable strength)

    • Select Your Voltage, No Tinge For Contouring

    • Cool, To Hot Tingle, Preference To Your Sensitivity


    Does this product really work?
    Yes your lips will plump within a couple of minutes

    What makes the lips plump up?
    The product contains a peptide and collagen that re-hydrates the bodies natural fluids.

    Why does it tingle?
    To circulate the blood flow into the lips and open the pores for quicker pentration.

    How often can I use this product?
    It can be used on a daily basis as a treatment, or for any occaision that the lip area needs plumping.

    How long will the tube last?
    It depends on how often you use the product, usualy 6 months if it is used on a regular basis, longer if used less often.

    Is this product tested on animals?
    No, tested on scientists, not on animals.